The Gharaundha

Gharaundha Microfinance services follows the Joint Liability Group (JLG) model. This it does without any bias of caste or religion.



Our Vision

To be the chosen financial products and services provider backed by technology and passionate human capital.



Our Mission

To bridge the gap between our customers’ ambition and achievement by providing top-notch financial products and services.


Who we are ?

Gharaundha Microfinance is started with a mission to deliver productive and efficient capital in rural India to enable inclusive socioeconomic development. Our microfinance loans are primarily targeted at Self-Help Groups (SHGs) of 10-20 women in rural and semi-urban areas.

Scope of Microfinance

Promoting Micro Enterprises

The poor cannot access loans from conventional banks because they have no collateral. Gharaundha meets the needs of the poor by providing collateral-free micro-credit at their doorstep.

Women Empowerment

Gharaundha Microfinance works through women's groups (Centers) because women are the most marginalized and because women tend to use resources more productively than men.

Building Asset

The poor live on the brink of subsistence, and often have to sell their limited assets or get into bonded labor (a form of indentured servitude) to survive.

Supporting Livelihood

By providing loans to the poorest, we expect to help raise their incomes and thus also spur the village economy.

Our Products

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To make a difference and give your life a meaning.

Filling the gaps by Meeting Fair Financing (F3) requirements to the poor section of community in a very Transparent, Timely and Target Oriented (T3) manner is at the nucleus of Gharaundha Microfinance.

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Strong Community Links To Deliver Value Effectively

Operational Excellence
Our state of the art data and technology-enabled processes ensure accurate, relevant data and rapid information flow through the organization for fast and effective decision making.

Programs To Enhance Productivity
Providing practical business skills at the grassroots level through our support center.
Deep Community Involvement
Our field staff is hired from the communities that we operate in, to help engender in-depth connections beyond financial transactions.